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How To Drive In The Snow

Snow 03

Driving in the snow can be a daunting and scary experience for most people. While you may prefer to sit near a fireplace and enjoy the warmth during the winter, sometimes you may need to get out and drive in the snow. Here are some ways on how to drive in the snow safely.

Plan in advanceSnow 01

Expect the unexpected and prepare for the worst by wearing warm clothes, carrying a snow shovel, a rug and a torch. You should wear high-quality driving shoes as opposed to snow wellies or boots. Most importantly, fit your car with quality winter tyres.

Avoid hard acceleration

The cornering ability of your vehicle on the snow is hardly existent, hence limiting your control of the vehicle. The car may even slide sideways slightly. Regardless of how tempting it may be, be focused and refrain from travelling at high speeds or making sharp acceleration. Prior to reaching a turn, prepare to take the corner by slowing down long enough before taking the corner. Take the turn in a straight line to ensure you maintain control of the car.

Snow 02Visibility

Ensure that you can see what is around you so that you have enough time to react to any unexpected state. Before taking off, warm up your vehicle for about five minutes. Clean the screen, windows and wipers and ensure that they are free of snow. Keep the headlights on throughout your drive in the snow.

Drive at moderate speed and brake properly

It would be easy to drive in the snow at a slow speed rather than reducing the speed on sloppy parts or corners. Keep the speed minimum at the top of hills when driving on sloppy roads covered with snow. Avoid any sudden braking as it can result in skidding. In case skidding occurs, ease off the accelerator. Target to brake properly by keeping a more than usual braking distance. Press the braking pedal softly to prevent triggering the ABS. If your car lacks the ABS, like older cars, it means that it has locked wheels that could result in a snow plough effect.

Keep a safe distance

Ensure that you leave enough room of about two to Snow 03three cars between you and the vehicle in front of you, as driving close to the next car can be dangerous and unpredictable. The extra space helps boost your safety in case you begin skidding, lose control or need to stop suddenly.

If you are likely to drive in snow during winters, ensure you learn how to drive in the snow to ensure you are safe and can cope well. Following these simple tips will help you avoid incidences, accidents, oncoming traffic and ditches.