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Five Important Car Tools that You Should Have


Car tools are meant to make work easier and also aid in mechanical repair. You can never be sure where your car will have a mechanical problem; it might be far away from where you can access a garage. It can also be a mechanical problem that you can easily fix.

For this reason, there are five important tools that you should always have in your car to help you in case of any mechanical emergency.

1. Kobalt Multi-Drive Wrench

This tool is just a multi-drive wrench; this means that it has got the ability to work with very many different sizes and styles of both nuts and bolts. For each end side of a Kobalt multi-drive wrench, there is a four sided spline that rotates on an interchangeable spline head. It is only ten inches long hence easier to carry and not bulky and can do turns of work on your broken car.


2. Tow/Recovery Strap

This is an important tool that most motorists do not have in their cars. You should have at least a thirty-meter long strap that is tough enough. You can use it for towing if your car is broken down, pull your car out of the mud and also use this strap to pull fallen debris on the road to clear the road for your car to pass. With this strap, you can get help from any other motorist who is passing by.

3. Life Hummer

As its name suggests, it is a small tool that is a lifesaver. You should have this tool and keep it near the driver’s seat. This tool is important especially during an accident. It can help you break the glass window of your car whenever you are trapped inside and also cut your seat belt. Time is of importance in such situations, and a life hammer can do the job faster than your hands or any other tool in your car.

4. Jumper Cable

Your car battery can go dead at any time without warning. This can be very frustrating because you will not be able to start your car. Jumper cables came in handy at this particular point in time to save the situation. With the aid of another motorist’s car battery, you will be able to jump start your car. Choose cables that have heavy-gauges because they are durable and of a higher quality.


5. Flashlight

In case your car breaks down at night, you will need to have a source of light to check what is wrong and also to fix the problem. It can also help you get anything that has fallen inside your car because the light in the car does not reach every corner of the car. If you are buying a flashlight, go for one with magnets on the side so that you can easily use it hand free.

Aside from the five tools that were mentioned above, it would also be best if you have a floor jack. You can check out Floor Jack Shop to see the buyer’s guide.