Selecting The Best Car Wax For Your Car


The best car wax in the market is not used to make a new vehicle to shine. The finish of the car is protected by washing it on a daily basis. A layer of protection to the body of a vehicle can be introduced by the addition of the coat of wax whereby the car will be protected against other contaminants, droppings of the birds and tree sap. The majority of the car waxes in the market usually protect the vehicle for a maximum of five weeks. On vehicles which are dark colored, the paint finishes are spoilt by waxes which are regarded to be abrasive. The following are the tips to be considered when selecting the best wax for one’s car;

Car’s age should be considered


A light spray wax will be required when the car is between the age of one to two years, and also it has got the best finish. The perfect time for car wax application is on a weekly basis since it wears out at a faster rate. The appearance of the vehicle can be improved by a treatment which is considered to be quick spray-wax. For the individuals who are not considering to purchase another car, waxing should be done since it offers assistance in the preservation of the finish. When cleaning is done, a liquid wax is a perfect choice.


The tiny particles which are contained in the car waxes can contribute to the making of scratches on car’s body finish. Cars which are light colored can hide the scratches compared to the vehicles which are dark colored. The effect of abrasiveness on surfaces which are clear-coated makes them have a cloudy appearance. The safeness of the product can be determined by the packaging of the car wax.

Percentage of plastic in the car


Some of the waxes available in the market allow formation of residue which is visible on parts of the cars which are made of plastic. The door trim, body panels, and bumpers are usually made from plastic. The parts are painted gray or black. The majority of new cars in the market consist of many plastic parts. The car wax which has been proven not to react with plastics should be considered with these kinds of cars. A commercial plastic cleaner should be used when an individual wants to remove wax from the surface of the vehicle. The standard categories of car waxes are liquid wax, spray wax and paste wax.