Effortless Ways To Maintain Your Car

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Maintaining your auto is very crucial. As much as you want to improve its longevity and performance, you also want to uplift your image. The better the condition of your vehicle, the better your personality becomes. To ensure that your car is in the right condition, you need to grab the following car maintenance tips.
1) Battery Protection

All batteries have a limited life span. With proper care, auto repair 28you can ensure that your car battery reaches the maximum lifespan as well as heightened performance. During summer, batteries may overcharge while, during winter, it may cause you trouble in starting the engine. You, therefore, need to detach the cables and wipe the terminals thoroughly before heading out.

When cleaning it up, shun the use of water to avoid poor connection due to corrosion. You can make use of a wire-brush. If you see major damages on your car battery such as cracks, you should make arrangements to have it replaced.
2) Tires

Your car tires should have the correct amount of pressure to prevent breakdowns, especially during summer. Use a high-quality gauge to check the pressure levels.

Check the tread condition of the tires as well as any sidewall cuts. They should be properly aligned to increase vehicle control and mileage. Remember to also check the spare tires.
3) Engine oil

auto repair 36With the help of an engine oil dipstick, you should check the engine oil levels on a regular basis. You should change it periodically, or rather after every 5000km.You know that your engine is performing well if the engine oil is light brown in color. If it is dark black and sludgy, then you should have it replaced immediately.
4) Engine coolant

During summer, the chances of the engine coolant boiling up are very high, and can cause severe damages to your car engine. Make use of the owner’s manual to check the coolant levels that should be stable between low and full marks. Where the coolant levels are low, you should add the right type of a coolant. When topping up, ensure that the engine is cool.
5) Cleaning

Observe a high-level cleanliness of your car, both outside and inside. There are many Tyre Pressure 01cleaning service providers that you can seek their assistance in case you can’t clean the car by yourself.

Ensure that you drive your car properly so that it stays in the right condition. You can avoid things like reversing abruptly between the initial gears or keeping the engine idle for long.

If you follow the above car maintenance tips, you not only save money, but also the time lost during breakdowns and when your car is in the hands of a car repair service.