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Motorcycles and Their History


Riding a motorcycle is one of the most dangerous and fun things that you can do in your life. While it gives you freedom and the ability to get from one place to another with ease without getting stuck in traffic, it only has two wheels and has no enclosure like a car. Let us take a look motorbikes and also what you can do to be safe while riding. You can also visit to learn more about motorcycle accessories.

The historykjblkjlkh

It is rather obvious that the inspiration of a two-wheel motorized vehicle came from the bicycle. The actual development started in the mid-1800’s; however, there is no particular person or inventor who we can credit for the motorcycle. It was a combination of many people’s work and was actually based on the safety bicycle which had both the same sized wheels for the front and rear.

The First models

The first recorded model was seen in the 1860’s in Paris, which contained a small steam engine and was developed by a blacksmith called Michaux and company. The design and specification then found their way yo the US with an employee of the company who claimed to have built the first prototype. He patented the design in America and then the first twin cylinder engine was built, and the development progressed from that point onwards.

Riding a motorcycle

Unlike a car, a motorbike needs more concentration and balance. You should never ride a bike if you feel sleepy, tired or are under the influence of alcohol. It is far more dangerous that driving a car and a rider and passenger can get injured severely.

ljblkn.Riding gear

If you want to make the best of your motorcycle, you need to have the appropriate gear. These include a helmet, jacket, gloves and suitable clothing. One should never ride without these as it can not be conducive to the environment that one rides in. Riders are always exposed to the weather dust and wind and therefore these are essential.


There are different types of bikes that you can ride. Selecting one will depend on the terrain, and therefore you must make a conscious choice. There are city bikes that are small and easy to maneuver while there are long distance ones that are comfortable and have bigger engines. Always ensure you ride one that is suitable for the purpose so that you can have a great experience.